DressingForFun Concept Shop & Creative Studio

Dressing is not only for good looking, dressing for fun is more interesting. DressingForFun is a style, also an attitude. We are based in Chengdu of China, “have fun” is the spirit of this leisurely city. So we believe we could find all the people who are DressingForFun.



Concept Shop

DressingForFun shop was opened in summer of 2012, now including a “black&white Space” and “rainbow house”. We select well-established & creative designer brands from all over the world, special silhouette, creative fabrics, interesting concept & absorbing story of every collection are the key factors we prefer. Now we carry Anrealage, JW Anderson, Marques’Almeida, Raf Simons, Y/Project etc.

In 2016, DressingForFun became one of the member of BOF500 as the retailer, and would constantly bring in & create new things, who wish to be one of the reasons for the people who love to live in Chengdu and who want to travel to the city, besides spicy food, pandas & Chinese tea house …here.

『耍衫』概念店2012年夏天开幕,现在拥有黑白和彩虹房子两个主题空间。我们在全世界挑选持续有创造力的设计师品牌,色彩、特别的廓形和材质的创新运用是重要元素,而我们最看重的是每个系列都有自己有趣的概念和吸引人的故事。 2016 年,DressingForFun『耍衫』以买手店身份入选BOF(Business of Fashion时装商业评论)全球对时尚行业最具影响及贡献500名单之一。我们将在成都不断的引入和创造新事物,希望成为除了美食、熊猫、茶馆以外,另一个让人想来成都、爱上成都的理由。

Creative Studio

DressingForFun Creative Studio was founded in 2011. We hold exhibitions or events per month. We own an in-house brand – AZ by DressingForFun. We release independent publications – Funzine. The long-term project – “Who are DressingForFun” : We take photos of every customer to record the change of their style since 2012 the shop opened.  By this way, we hope everyone remember the moment when they are dressing for fun at DressingForFun, which would be a happy memories for them. Wonderful to be continued. :)

『耍衫』不只是一间时装店,耍衫创意工作室早于概念店在2011年创立。 我们每月举办展览或活动。 我们拥有自己的原创品牌AZ by DressingForFun, 推出与主题概念相关的创意产品。 我们出版独立刊物『耍誌』。 我们正在进行的长期项目 – “Who are DressingForFun”: 从『耍衫』开幕起,我们就拍下每个来『耍衫』的朋友的样子。希望通过这样的方式,记录大家穿衣风格的变化,并且让大家记得在『耍衫』穿上喜欢的衣服时留下的美好回忆。 『耍衫』创意工作室还将做更多好玩的事情。:)